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A few technical difficulties

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I've been told that we're having a few technical difficulties today with comments and page loading. MT 5.0 is still pretty new to me, so it is taking me some time to iron out the problems in the system. In particular, because MT 5.0 will accept authentication from several different systems, it is difficult to figure out if the issue is with our host or the external process. If you are having difficulty leaving comments (particularly with authentication), please either send me an email or leave a comment below and I will try and work it out. Please include the login method that you tried (OpenID, Facebook, etc.) and the nature of the error.

Update: A few tests have worked. My host seemed to be having some severe service issues earlier today, so that may have been the problem, but again, please contact me if you have further difficulty.

Update II: Is anyone having trouble logging in using Firefox (particularly in Windows)? Chrome on Macintosh is working fine, but sadly I think I need to create a better testbed.

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Hey Mr. T, I've tested it out on Firefox and IE7. Today, at home on my personal computer I am experiencing the same issues I ran into on my work computer. Blogspot OpenID and the Google login are both taking a long time to load and when it does load, there is an error message with the OpenID. So it looks to be a Google issue perhaps?

This is a comment left using the Google login, running Firefox for the Mac. Note that you have to use the entire email address ( not just the username, to login. No problems logging in or posting.

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