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Bleg: How to Find Good, Inexpensive Places to Stay?

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When looking for a place to spend the night, our default is to check, but that website heavily favors chains and has very few of the independent inns that populate so much of this area. When it does list them, they often have few or no reviews, leaving us clueless as to whether Mom & Pop's Motel is a fleapit or an under-appreciated bargain. (I have read too many articles in New York publications about people bringing home bedbugs from hotels to feel OK about just checking into the nearest quaint-looking B&B.) and lack a low-high price sorter and can make discovering the exact rate for the night quite difficult.

If anyone has a suggestion about a better way to meet our goal -- a clean, decent but not-fancy room at a low price -- please do leave it in the comments or email it to us. In particular, a website similar to with regard to highlighting non-chains, but that focuses on more moderately-priced accommodations, would be welcome. In the meantime, we'll probably be trying out AAA's recommendations and booking them through when available there, as is offering a promotion in which one gets a free night's stay for every ten nights booked through the website.

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I also use (not to be confused with the accounting software) to check out hotels/motels. Before I make a decision, I check out every place on AAA's website; you should have an AAA membership for the discounts and possible auto problems. To get budget conscious ideas, try, a Frommer publication. We watch Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Some of these joints must be on your chosen path (check out the website); the food should be good and the prices reasonable. Good luck! Gayle & Bill Chandler

Thanks. We've been looking at AAA recommendations (because several hotels have good AAA discounts). Quikbooks looks like a good site, and is now in my iPhone's favorites list.

Guys, there is a review in the June issue of "Travel+Leisure" magazine about hotel reviews; I checked the sites out, and it looks like is pretty good. I put it in my favorites since I found reviews on the next hotel we're staying at to be current and balanced. If this site helps, good. Hope you're having a great time. I am beginning to think about a trip like yours for us. G&B

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