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On Friday, we left Stephen King country

for L.M. Montgomery territory.

Starting in Bangor, we made the long drive from the U.S., through Nova Scotia, across the Confederation Bridge and to our bed & breakfast in Oyster Bed Bridge. It's an all-day journey, that included only a brief stop in McAdam (the first town we found on the Canadian side of the border) and another in Fredericton. We were a little freaked out by the advertised $42 cost of the toll on the Bridge, but calmed down when we discovered that it's
(a) only paid one way, when you're leaving the Island (and thus in theory can be avoided if you take the Bridge in and the ferry out, though the ferry costs more anyway);
(b) payable by credit card, rather than forcing us to turn over every Canadian penny we had; and
(c) worth it for the gorgeous views over the water, as well as the impressively long span on which we were driving.

The place where we stayed was wonderful -- I can't praise it highly enough. Called the Northside B&B, it's centrally located on the Island within walking distance of the north shore and 20 minutes drive of both Charlottetown (where the only commercial airport and most of the restaurants and shops are) and Cavendish (for L.M. Montgomery pilgrims). It's all on ground level, each bedroom has its own bath and TV, and everything is of that size that's comfortable yet cozy. The owners are friendly and informative, and every morning's breakfast had coffee, orange juice, a hot egg dish, freshly-baked muffins and more. All this for only $55 a night!

Another advantage of the B&B's location was that it was near the Brackley Drive-In movie theater, which played a triple-feature of "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid," "Knight & Day" and "The A-Team" for the weekend we were there. Notwithstanding our total lack of desire to see any of the movies playing, we went on Sunday night with the makings for sandwiches and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The $10 admission fee per adult includes a fountain drink, and the teenagers running the concession will give you the password for Wifi. A triple feature for a summer drive-in is pretty brave, as the sky doesn't darken enough for the outdoor screen to be visible until almost 9:30pm. We decided after the almost whimsical implausibility of "Knight & Day" to skip "The A-Team" and head home at 1am.

One might find the wholesomeness of Prince Edward Island as being in its own way uncanny, though this concern will be somewhat assuaged by discovering, as we did on our last day, the tattoo parlor on Water Street in Charlottetown.

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Oh how thug, to get ink done on PE Island. I'd probably be too tempted to draw a heart with 'A.S. + G.B. 4ever" =)

The B&B sounds so charming, now is it cool only from a girls perspective or T liked it too? I always go gaga over B&Bs but Judd, not so much.

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