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How we ended up with Westy's Storage

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I've been meaning to write this up for a while, as it's a story from before we set off on the road. Pallavi took the lead in finding us inexpensive storage outside Manhattan, and had a number of good locations picked out. At the same time, I was selling some of our possessions on Craigslist and came across an ad for $99 climate-controlled storage. The ads are still up there, for this firm, and if you're thinking of storage in the New York area, I can't recommend against this company highly enough. [1]

We drove the van out to the Melville location and took the tour. The salesman's insistence that we take a particular route through the building should have made me suspicious, but I guess I was having an off day. The call button on the elevator wasn't working, and the place was warmer than "climate controlled" storage ought to be, but for $100 bucks that seemed less significant. We signed on the bottom line, drove back to Manhattan, and returned with a loaded van.

Horrible realizations began as we commenced the move-in process. A police car sat outside in the parking lot. The salesman hadn't taken me by the side door, or I would have noticed that naked wires dangled from a security keypad by the building's side doors. None of the side doors had locks, which meant that without so much as crossing barbed wire or picking a lock, a thief could get to the master lock I'd put on our unit. Indeed, it seemed that someone had done just that, because a unit down the hall had been broken into the same afternoon, explaining the police presence outside. Nonetheless, the manager disappeared at closing time, before the detective showed up.

Obviously, it makes no sense to save money by leaving our possessions where even an incompetent thief could take his pick. That weekend, with the help of some good friends, we moved all of our stuff to nearby Westy's. While unfortunately not being accessible 24/7, and being 50 percent more expensive, the building is new, well-lit, well-locked, and almost suspiciously clean. Seriously, Westy's may be storage, but the floors almost gleam and the walls to the lobby are hung with oil paintings. Welcome, but a little incongruous.

So far, we're very happy, so maybe it's for the best that our first option turned out to be such a wreck.

[1] As it is, the week after we moved our things into our storage place, Manhattan Mini Storage started a special that would have given us an identical price without having to drive an hour out of Manhattan. Such things happen.

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