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Summer nights in Texas

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My explanation for the lack of updates: all driving/downtime is currently given over to either a) trying to deal with matters related to the renting of our New York apartment or b) studying for scuba certification, which we should complete this week in Nacogdoches, Texas.

With regard to the first, we can recommend a very good and helpful New York real estate agent. With regard to the second, it's not the bar exam, but it's still a lot of study.

But some times you have to put all that aside. Like tonight, when we bring you a blog post from the inside of a small dome tent, open to the central Texas stars (but hopefully not the central Texas bugs). It seems AT&T gets just enough coverage to blog from out here.

By the way: if you are driving in Texas, try not to hit a skunk. It causes problems.

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Look at you two being all butch and stuff. Does AT&T have world wise 4G you can use? I will sure miss these bloggin' under the tent if there's no updates until civilization.

As far as I know, there's no worldwide 4G -- or at least none that's compatible with our budget. We just convinced AT&T to let us pay them for hanging onto our phone numbers for a year without also getting stuck with their massive termination fees, so I'm not pushing my luck with Ma Bell. (Or would dealing with cell issues be more like Tinker Bell?)

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