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Best Che Marketing Ever (or, Death of Communism Part VXXII)

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Oskar's Pizzeria, Otavalo, Ecuador. A pizza restaurant targeting kids and teens, with placemats hawking the local equivalent of the Gap. Their mascot: a cartoon Che Guevara with pizza slices for eyes.

Che! Comrades shall pay for their pizza at the front!

Yes, that's Che, the face that launched a thousand college t-shirts, telling you to settle your bill at the front.

I think it's safe to say that when your leader has been reduced to a cartoon giving instructions to teens on how to pay for their capitalist fast food, the revolution's over.

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That's Che?

I assume it was more obvious on the other merchandise.

The Che-ness of the brand image is more obvious after you've looked at the pizzeria's multiple black-and-white portraits of Che in his star beret. Admittedly the smileyface doesn't make for a clear resemblance.

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