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Off to the Galapagos

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Tomorrow morning we're off to the Galapagos, sailing aboard the Encantada. Spending a week on a boat is far outside my comfort zone, and I'll admit to a little nervousness. Given the tales of jellyfish in the water, I'm slightly regretting the fact that we didn't buy wetsuits back in Texas.

Hopefully we'll bring back pictures and stories, not sunburn and stings. On the other hand, we're unlikely to have internet access, so we're probably off the grid entirely for a week. I can't remember the last time I didn't have cell, internet, or at least land-line access to the world.

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You can take your relationship to a whole new level. Pee on eachother to sooth the jellyfish stings. ;-)

Give a turtle a hug for me please.

Thankfully no jellyfish, though we did pass by a small (about 4 ft.) shark while we were swimming, as well as lots of eagle rays.

Sadly our guide was very strict about not touching the animals, so no turtle-hugging, but we got close to several while swimming on the final snorkel dive.

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