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All the cool kids are Tweeting!

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I can count the number of "tweets" that I've ever sent on one hand and my facebook updates are irregular, at best. That said, I've added some code to Devil May Care for tweeting and "liking" posts.

I'm still testing the code: I'm pretty certain that on the homepage, for instance, I need to pass the URL for the entry to the Twitter button. (To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that the Facebook button works.) If you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to fix it.

UPDATE: I think that I have it fixed, so feel free to try it. Does anyone with better CSS skills than I have know why the Facebook and Tweet buttons won't line up?

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The alignment awkwardness is caused by the fact FaceBook doesn't trust you to format things nicely so it injects an entire div into your page to put its elements in, which includes some unused space.

Having a twitter button doesn't mean you are tweeting Mr. T. ;-)

Did you know there are now twitter recipes 140 characters or less? So much for not able to convey enough in 140 characters or less.

I know you probably do not want a twitter feed app linked to this page to keep the public and private life separate but that would be the best blog/twitter interface. Perhaps worth setting up a DevilMayCare twitter account and you can tweet about your adventures and link to blog posts. I know you are traveling so you may have gaps in tweeting. You can always trick your audience with using hootesuite. It's a web based twitter API for twitter that let's you time your tweets, track conversations, see who's retweeting you and etc.

Can you tell I am now the twitter marketing person at work now? =)

Have been promoting your blog via tweets for awhile. I've just been entering your web address directly into tweet. I know Pallavi has been tweeting but her twitter identity does not reveal her real life name as she does on this blog so I've been keeping that anonymous.

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